ABOVE:The view of Kents Hill Ski Slope in the summer

BELOW: Torsey ariel view 



ANNUAL MEETING JULY 9, 2016 10 am Readfield Town Offices 2nd floor

Anual Meeting Newsletter 2014


The Torsey Pond Association

The Torsey Pond Association was formed on April 21, 1988 with the express purpose of preserving Torsey Pond, its shores and dam for all property owners around the pond and for the towns of Readfield and Mount Vernon. Pressure for the formation of such an association resulted from the decision by the State of Maine to remove the boards maintaining the level of the pond unless some individual or organization assumed the responsibility for the ownership and maintenance of the dam boards. The formation of this association satisfied the State of Maine and the Torsey Pond Association has assumed formal ownership of the dam boards and will insure their proper maintenance and security. Maintaining appropriate water levels of the pond is also the responsibility of this association under the guidelines and supervision provided by the Cobbossee Watershed District. In addition, the association will make periodic testing of certain aspects of water quality in the pond.





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